Billing Disputes With Contractors

Real Estate Billing Disputes

After a natural disaster, fire, or other devastating event causes property damage, you rely on remediation companies to make your house a home again. What happens when these construction professionals don’t deliver everything they promised or use unfair business practices?
Putting the pieces of your life back together after extensive damage to your home or business is difficult enough without having to worry about disputes with remediation companies. In times like this, you deserve a loyal advocate on your side. At Prell-Spearing Law Firm, we fiercely represent our clients’ interests in their disputes with contractors.

Billing Disputes with Remediation Companies

Disputes over billing are common and can often be solved without litigation. Alternative dispute resolutions like mediation and arbitration can help you and your remediation company reach a beneficial solution, but this is not the best choice for everyone. While these methods are common avenues for seeking a resolution to billing disputes with remediation companies, we are ready and willing to pursue litigation if that is what your case calls for. Billing disputes with remediation companies can involve a number of complex factors, such as multiple parties (contractors, subcontractors, insurance companies, etc.) and the nuances of Florida laws. Prell-Spearing Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to handle these specific types of billing disputes.

Contract Disputes with Remediation Companies

Contract disputes often occur over a breach or perceived breach of contract, which is when one party fails to uphold their contractual obligations. If your remediation company breached its construction contract, you have options to seek restitution. There are statutory guidelines and timeframes to keep in mind if you want to file a lawsuit, so working with an experienced
attorney will ensure the process is done correctly. When your remediation company does not fulfill the terms of the contract, you can take legal action to resolve the issue. Whether the company’s shortcomings involve the scope of the project, quality of the work, completion date, or any other contract terms, Prell-Spearing Law Firm will fight for a favorable outcome for you.

Remediation Company Price Gouging

Plainly stated, Florida Statute prohibits price gouging. Your remediation company may be guilty of price gouging if their prices are considerably higher during a state of emergency. This cost difference could be seen in comparison to the company’s own prices prior to the emergency or by comparing their price with the cost of similar services from other companies. If you suspect a remediation company has charged you unconscionable prices during an emergency, contact the team at Prell-Spearing Law Firm. You deserve fair pricing, especially during an emergency like a hurricane, flood, or tornado.

Unfair Trade Practices Claims

The Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act protects consumers from misleading or fraudulent business practices. The state’s law also allows anyone who is a victim of such practices to take legal action in order to receive compensation for the damages they suffered. We will aggressively represent you in your case against deceptive construction companies
who have taken advantage of you. Did a remediation company falsely claim that repairs were needed when they weren’t? Were
used or damaged parts installed instead of new ones? Was something not repaired that should have been? Prell-Spearing Law Firm is here for you, no matter how the construction company deceived you. Let us use our experience and knowledge to fight for your rights.

Property Damage Disputes

Property damage can occur in an endless number of ways. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be required to report it to your insurance company. Sometimes, a dispute can occur even when you follow all of the rules precisely. We understand how frustrating it can be not to be given the assistance you need in times like these. Whether you need a helping hand to negotiate a settlement with your insurance company or file a lawsuit against a remediation company, Prell-Spearing Law Firm will be by your side to ensure you are not alone. Property damage disputes can be overwhelming for anyone if they are not familiar with the process. We know how to navigate these situations from a legal perspective, which gives you one less thing to worry about.
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